The Secrets to Smooth Easy Periods

The secret to smooth easy periods is understanding what your body needs in each phase of your cycle

 Your hormones are the control centre of your entire body and when they are off balance they can effect everything from mood, to sleep, to energy, and digestion

 The painful symptoms that come around your period are a result of hormonal imbalance

When you resist the natural flow and rhythm of your hormones, it can throw your entire system out of synch.  

When you nourish your body with exactly what it needs in each phase of your cycle, your hormones naturally come into balance

 When you eat and move for the phases of your cycle you feel comfortable and pain-free in your body no matter what time of month it is

 When you master your hormonal fluctuations you never feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster.  

When you live according to your cycle, your life flows, you feel energized and vital no matter what time of month it is

This is for you if you're ready to:   

Eat and move for your cycle to put an end to painful periods and pms forever

Understand your hormones to balance your mood 

Know how to give your body what it needs in each phase of your cycle for smooth, easy periods

What People Are Saying:

You have amazing insight.... you truly are a Goddess. You are turning the world upside-down with a female revolution. Instead of hating our period, this is our time of sacred energy....

Anca W

I left with a better understanding of how to accept the changes within my body so I can more consciously plan to take better care of myself and slow down when I need it, both physically and emotionally, as well as find opportunities to maximize my peak energy and creativity".


"This was phenomenal, thank you Reenee Khanna you are an amazing teacher!!"💪


i can't say anything more than i'm thankful for sharing this wisdom with us.


Wow this webinar was powerful..

Muskan Moriya

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