Painless Periods Program

For years you have been told it’s norrmal to feel pain before your period, and your erratic mood swings are just hormonal.

Leaving you thinking, the only thing you can do is suck it up and move on, but there is more you can do.

Your painful periods, pms, and erratic mood swings are showing you that your body is asking for something to be different.

And when you know what the different thing is, everything changes.

In Painless Periods you will  transform how you experience your menstrual cycle by knowing exactly what your body is asking for in each moment.

You will make small shifts in the way you eat, move and nourish yourself to give yourself exactly what you need based on your unique body type in each phase of your cycle.

And when you have the support to live according to your cycle this way, and you give your body what it’s asking for, painless periods is your normal.


With this program in 3 menstrual cycles or less you will:

  • Get rid of mood swings

  • End painful periods and pms

  • Improve your health and vitality

  • And feel good no matter what time of month it is


When you register you will have immediate lifetime access to

  •  A PDF guide with over 10 video trainings to learn your body’s unique needs in every phase of your cycle

  • Your personal workbook to pin-point exactly what you need to shift in your life to feel balanced

  • Charting journal to observe your progress through this journey

  • Monthly meal planner so eating for your body type and cycle is simple

What People Are Saying:

I purchased your course and it is absolutely brilliant!! I have learned so much...


Shout out to you, Reenee! Thanks to you for sharing and having these workshops. I’ve started to pay more attention to myself and my inner life. I’m also arranging my life to feel more in balance and in tune.


$199.00 USD

I  acknowledge that Reenee is a licensed herbalist, and makes no claims to be a medical doctor or offer any diagnosis. The purpose of this guide is to educate me about my body and healing by natural processes and ancient medicine.  I am ultimately responsible for my own choices as to what I do with the educational material being offered and am solely responsible for my own decisions and actions.

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