I've created this site to share herbal medicine, natural alternatives, home remedies, holistic products, and how to get the the root cause of illness to leave you feeling healthy and energized.

You'll find recommendations on clean natural health and beauty products as well as recipes and instructions on how to make your own products and remedies at home. 

I know what it’s like to be sick and not have any answers, I know what it’s like to go to doctors and nothings works.  It wasn’t until I had all these frustrating experiences that I started to look into how the body heals itself and discovered that thriving is your natural state. 

Your body has the answers and when you flow with your unique needs for your unique body, you are able to give your body exactly what it needs to heal naturally and be in a state of optimal health.  Health can be easy, in fact, when you live in flow with yourself and. nature, you find that health is your natural state.


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There is No One Size Fits All Approach to Health and Beauty

For years I felt unseen by the medical world, I was ushered out of offices with prescriptions, but was never taught anything about prevention or the root cause of illness.  After hitting rock bottom - with pneumonia and being on antibiotics for 9 out 12 months in that year - I decided to find my own answers. 
I entered the world of holistic healing and supplements, but I soon found myself overwhelmed with information, drowning in a sea of superfoods, supplements, and conflicting advice.  I knew there had to be a better approach.
 It wasn't until I discovered the wisdom of Ayurveda that I realized there is no one size fits all solution to health.  Wellness comes when you meet your body's unique needs, that’s when you start to thrive.
When I understood this simple fact everything changed and I started feeling healthier and more vibrant than I have ever felt in my life.   I was able to go from doctors telling me to give up my passion for dance due to knee problems... to today running my own dance school and teaching 8 hours a week. 
 Ayurveda helps you understand exactly what your body wants to eat, how it wants to be nourished, the physical activity it wants in every moment, and what you need for emotional balance. When you understand exactly how your body works and give it what it needs, thriving becomes simple.
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