When you nourish your body with exactly what meets your unique needs, thriving is simple.

 Ayurveda is the Science of life, it helps you understand exactly what your body wants to eat, how it wants to be nourished, the physical activity it wants in every moment, and what you need for emotional balance. 

Discover Your Body Type 



Click on both the links below to discover your physical body type and your emotional body type.  Keep both results handy as you navigate this site so you know which products and remedies will be the most potent and deliver you the best results.  

Learn more in this video on how to get the most accurate results from this quiz.

Find Out Your Physical Body Type
Find Out Your Emotional Body Type

Download Your Body Type Grocery List

Vata Grocery List
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Thrive in Your Body with Ayurveda

When you understand exactly how your body works and give it what it needs, thriving becomes simple.

 Take what you know about your body type to the next level in my course Thrive In Your Body where you will : 

  • Eat and move for your body type to be the healthiest version of you

  • Know the best daily routines and rituals for your unique needs to feel energized and radiant with restful sleep, glowing skin and hair, feel good body weight, and more...

  • Master your emotional tendencies to feel less stressed and more confident to go after what you want

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