Digestive Detox

The reason you experience indigestion, discomfort after eating, and food intolerances is because your digestive system rarely gets the break it needs to rejuvenate.

When you take a few days off and allow your digestive organs to replenish, you body cleanses itself.

It’s a bit like going on vacation, to let your mind recharge.  

No need for harsh detoxes, complete fasting or anything extreme.

A simple kitchari cleanse for a few days does the trick without depriving your body of essential nutrients!  

After the cleanse you’ll find yourself feeling lighter, and more energized, as your gut bacteria replenishes itself.   Not only that, many of my clients have found their food intolerances disappear completely….

“I needed to call and tell you I ate Pizza!!  Cheese and gluten, no problem after doing this cleanse!!!!  I’m shocked “ - Alison

The best part about this cleanse is that the ingredients are simple and you can prepare everything you need at home.  

What is kitchari? 

Kitchari is dish made of basmati rice and split yellow lentils, considered to be one of the most easily digestible meals, it’s often give to babies as a first food.  When you consume nothing but kitchari, herbal tea, and fresh pressed veggie/fruit juice for several days, your digestive organs get the break they need to rejuvenate and cleanse,.


Download all the recipes and instructions for the Spring Digestive Reset Here



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