Divine timing isn’t dictated by the...

May 15, 2024

Divine timing isn’t dictated by the universe's schedule—it's about when you align with your desires.

Nothing and no one is withholding what you want.

You aren’t being tested or asked to prove your worth.

The simple truth is that if you haven't received what you want, it's because you're not yet in alignment with it.

So, what happens when you do align?

Once you match that frequency and sustain it?

Results follow fast, often within days.

Instead of wondering how to earn it, or doubting whether you're good enough, or surrendering your power to external forces, shift yourself to align with your desire.

Feel into whether or not you are truly a match to what you want and if you’re not, what do you need to do to get there.

When you are aligned, you get your manifestation almost instantly.

Everything you want is just a frequency shift away.

When you are committed to making this shift, nothing can stop you from having what you want.

If you’re ready...

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Stop Giving Power to Your Doubt...

May 13, 2024

If you're done allowing your doubts to run the show and ready to step into your power and be magnetic to your desires, Magnetic AF is perfect for you.

In this 1:1 coaching container you will conquer your doubts to have everything that you want.


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If manifesting your desires feels challenging ...

May 08, 2024

If manifesting your desires feels challenging for you at different times of the month, it might just be that you're not syncing your efforts with your menstrual cycle.

Yes, you read that right—your menstrual cycle! It's not just about cramps and cravings; it's a powerful influencer of your mood, energy, sleep, brain function, and even digestion.

Understanding the hormonal shifts throughout your cycle can be a game changer.

It lets you capitalize on the days when your energy and mood are soaring, and be kind to yourself when you’re feeling low.

For instance, some points in your cycle your brain is on fire—sharp and focused. That's your window for tackling new and challenging tasks.

On the flip side, there are times when you're more emotionally and physically sensitive, it's a great time to explore what's triggering you and think about changes you might need to make.

And those tired days? Don’t push it. Schedule some rest and lighter tasks instead.


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Manifestation often gets painted as this grand act of ...

Apr 30, 2024

Manifestation often gets painted as this grand act of creation—where you decide what you want, claim it as yours, and shut out everything else.

But here's the thing, it's actually way simpler and more gentle than that.

When you imagine something and feel that desire bubbling up inside you, it's because that something already exists in the universe.

You're just yearning to experience it.

And guess what? All you have to do is choose to experience it. That's it.

So many people are hustling hard to manifest their dreams—affirming all day, visualizing, vision boarding—but here's the scoop: The envisioning is already done, the affirming is done.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have even connected with that desire.

The only thing left is to choose it and release any resistance you have to choosing it.

Here's a fun and easy exercise for you: Take a look around at all the things you love in your reality right now—your relationships, your home, your job, the beauty of nature...

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The more you embody your desire...

Apr 25, 2024

The more you embody your desire, the faster it's yours.

Embodiment happens when you release resistance to having what you want.

You probably have heard it before, live in the end state, it's all about state of being, but how do you actually hold that state?

In my 1:1 coaching I show you exactly what's holding you back from having your desire and what you need to do to release that resistance. 

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I see it all the time, people feeling frustrated...

Apr 09, 2024

I see it all the time, people feeling frustrated not having their desire.

Yet, and so you just want to release it out into the universe and forget about it, but then you don't feel good doing that either.

That's because letting go in this way is not what gets your desire.

In fact, holding on to the desire isn't the reason you don't have it.

The reason you don't have it is because you're also holding resistance.

When you release all resistance nothing can keep you from having what you want.

In Manifestation Codes I break down exactly how to that so you can manifest your desires, fast. 

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